Welcome to GamBLE

We have built and support a village school in The Gambia, to give children a great start in life.  Please have a look around our website, to find out more about our school.

Our Mission as a Charity  

  • To work with a community in the Gambia to develop and maintain a school  which will act as a benchmark for educational excellence. 
  • Providing inspiration and training support to other schools to help improve the quality of education in the Gambia.

Mission Statement of Yalding School, Farato

By ensuring that our teachers are well trained and supported, backed up by a professional and enthusiastic approach from all staff, we endeavour to give every pupil, whatever their ability, gender, religion or background, a broad education that will send them out into the world as independent learners with a thirst for knowledge, a respect for their fellow beings and an example to future generations.

Vision Statement of Yalding School, Farato

Yalding Nursery and Basic Cycle School, Farato aims to be a model of educational excellence for all Gambian Nursery and Lower and Upper Basic Schools to follow.