Practical teaching skills

The Gambian curriculum

Although the Gambian government provide free state education from 8 to 13 years old (Lower Basic Primary), the incidental costs cannot be afforded by many Gambian families.

The Gambian government provides a curriculum which GamBLE supplements with practical support and ideas. The school has regular contact with the Regional Education Office which monitors our teachers.

The Gambian curriculum, as it should be, is Gambian specific consisting of:

  • mathematics
  • english
  • religious education
  • integrated studies (history, environmental studies, geography and local village life).
  • Science is introduced in Grade 5.

GamBLE ensures that each child has access to the necessary textbooks. The children in Grades 3 and 5 have to take national tests (NATs).

GamBLE is working with the teachers to develop the curriculum and encourage a more creative and individual approach to teaching and learning. Physical education, arts and crafts, singing, creative writing, handwriting and reading through phonics have all been introduced into the primary curriculum. GaMBLE introduced a reading scheme.

GamBLE has developed nursery education (ages 3 to 7) because it is not provided by the state, thus there is no standard curriculum or guaranteed training of teachers.

Generally, because of the large classes and lack of materials, Gambian children learn by rote. However, at Yalding School Farato the teachers are moving away from this as we have introduced a more creative approach to learning and sponsor our teachers to train at the Education College.

In the nursery the children are learning through play, which is an innovation for the school.