Recent developments

This page is regularly updated with recent projects GamBLE has initiated at Yalding School Farato.

The reading programme

The photographs below illustrate the beginnings of the individual reading programme we have introduced using books donated by a school in Kent. It is taking time to train the teachers to teach reading skills (as opposed to having the whole class repeat passages from a book the teacher reads) but we are making progress as you can see:

New maths apparatus for Grade 2 children

These photos show some of the 8 to 9 year old Grade 2 children using maths apparatus to help understand subtraction in tens and units:

New learning experiences for Nursery 2 children

Here are the 4 to 5 year old Nursery 2 children enjoying using 'gloop' to explore colour and texture:

New uniforms and dressing up clothes

These children are wearing sweatshirts from Yalding School and Boughton Monchelsea in Kent. November to January are the cold months when temperatures fall as low as +20C! Children in Nursery 3 enjoy dressing up for role play and using the ubiquitous sand to design model compounds (houses):

New equipment and the new Resources Room

The teachers and pupils that use these sparse classrooms maximise the use of the text and exercise books that we provide through your donations. GamBLE have funded the building of the new Resources Room which also offers a computer club to the oldest children (12 to 13 years old) who come after school once a week.

Tippy tap - water hygiene

The Tippy tap is a hands-free water dispensing system designed to improve hygiene. The GamBLE Trustees taught Yalding School Farato teachers Sanna, Kemo and Darboeding to build and use the system. They then disseminated the information to the community. The National press were so impressed they produced an article in their newspaper. See the press release for further details.