Craft stall

Authentic Gambian gifts

As part of the GamBLE charity we run a stall selling Gambian crafts. All of the profits from this venture go to our charity, and, as the goods sold are made by local craftsmen living and working in and around Farato, this also helps the local Gambian community.

Items on this stall include:

  • wooden carvings
  • drums
  • jewellery
  • batiks
  • kaftans
  • bags
They are on sale at most of our fundraising events. We also attend other local coffee mornings, fetes etc.
Hand-painted necklaces

How you can help

There are two ways you can support us with the craft stall

  1. We are always looking for new venues so if you are holding a function where we could bring the craft stall, please Contact us.
  2. If you would like to purchase any of the products please Contact us.